Ballet is offered in two streams at Maple Ridge Dance Circle.

Five  and six year olds begin in CDTA Preliminary Badge Ballet and progress through CDTA  Primary. At approximately age eight, with the approval of the Director, some students may opt to move into Cecchetti Classical Ballet training. Others will continue with their CDTA Ballet training. Both offer exams.

Students with a strong desire and sufficient ability to succeed in Ballet may study the Cecchetti method. This method was developed by Italian Ballet Master Enrico Cecchetti at the turn of the twentieth century. The syllabus is uniquely designed to safely develop strength, flexibility, coordination and theatricality.

Students entering Cecchetti classes at the Primary level must take two classes per week. Students at Grade Three Cecchetti or above must take a minimum of three classes per week. Four or more classes are recommended for students working at the major levels. CDTA.

Ballet students may continue with one class per week, although after Grade Four it is recommended that two classes per week are taken. Adult classes are recreational classes based on Cecchetti theories. Students completing Cecchetti Grade Five or above may apply for Ministry of Education Fine Arts credits.

Students who wish to compete may audition for Production Company.